I'm in perfect health. Why would I need insurance?

Now is the time to obtain insurance, while you're healthy. While there's never a bad time to protect your family from the potentially devastating risks of death, disability or critical illness, having coverage now reduces the risks later.

I'm young. Why should I apply for insurance?

The younger you are, the lower your premiums will be. Now is the best time to get mortgage protection while it is most affordable.

I already have life insurance. Why do I need more?

It's prudent to secure mortgage insurance to cover your mortgage, and rely on other insurance to assist with your other family needs. While many individuals have employer life insurance, it likely will not cover all your obligations and will end when you stop working.

Why should I opt for iprotect® over bank mortgage insurance?

Bank mortgage insurance expires when you renew or refinance, meaning you will need to re-apply and pay a higher premium. In most cases, mortgage insurance from iprotect® is lower-priced, and is portable from lender to lender and property to property.

Do I need the extra expense of insuring my whole mortgage?

Not necessarily. Some amount of coverage is better than none at all. Having partial coverage allows you to manage monthly payments that work with your budget. The best insurance is coverage you'll never need. The worst insurance is the policy you didn't buy.

I'm single. Why would I need mortgage insurance?

Mortgage Life insurance protects your largest asset - your home. If you are sick or injured and are unable to work, disability insurance covers your mortgage payments while critical illness insurance pays off your outstanding mortgage balance.