Partner Mortgage

Partner Mortgage will help you get where you are going!

It's a messy mortgage world out there. There are umpteen different lenders and so many different mortgage rates, features and options... that it's hard to find the one that fits. And while we are experts at sorting through your options, we came up with a better idea: let's develop our own mortgage, so we did. It's called Partner Mortgage, and it's owned exclusively by Invis.

Great Rates

We keep our rates with Partner Mortgage more than competitive, primarily because this is our mortgage, allowing us to find ways to cut overhead and pass those savings on to you.

Excellent Privileges

Many low-rate mortgages lock you in to a rigid contract filled with financial "trip lines" that could work against you down the road, like fully closed, and low or no prepayments. We offer all of the frills:

  • excellent prepayment privileges (20% lump sum payment/20% increase in payment each year)
  • ability for early payout
  • 30-year amortizations for conventional; 25-year for insured mortgages
  • quick close specials often available
  • variable rate option: competitive rate, and the security of switching to a fixed rate at any time you choose

Empowered by Partnerships

We believe that the partnership between client and broker is a long-term one, which means all Partner Mortgage clients are directed back to their broker at renewal for advice that fits their current needs. We have also partnered with MCAP Service Corporation for our mortgage servicing, one of the oldest and most respected service providers in the industry.

There are many reasons to contact us today - if you're a first-time buyer or trading up, need to renew your mortgage, looking to manage your debt, or take equity out for a renovation or other large expense - Partner Mortgage will help you get where you are going.